The GIN 852 Conference brings together students from a range of Hong Kong schools to generate ideas and find solutions to global issues rooted in and around Hong Kong. Participating students are those who have expressed a true interest and passion in the world around them and its issues. These students are the ones that have, or definitely one day will, positively influence the communities around them.


The 2019 theme, “enGINeering Change”, is based around the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - goals of which range from gender equality all the way to climate action. As a group, we have selected 6 of these Development Goals we believe to be the most relevant to Hong Kong and us as students for participants to choose from.


Throughout the conference, we will be discussing and conceptualising actionable solutions for our chosen global issues. We will be working with NGOs and Charities which tackle these problems, hearing from experienced speakers as well as engaging in a range of activities all in the aim of making progress in our selected areas of focus.


Every year, GIN is composed of passionate students who work together to tackle global issues in their communities. We’re sure this year will be no different; it will be a memorable and eye-opening experience.

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